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Ofsted: “The work in Conductive Education by Pupils and Staff is Outstanding

Conductive Education

A system of learning that works with children’s motor skills

What is conductive education?

Conductive Education (CE) is a system of learning developed by Professor Andras Peto in Budapest, Hungary. The learning approach teaches those with movement difficulties to learn actively to achieve purposeful movement which can then be applied throughout daily life and learning.

Why do we use CE?

Ingfield has had a unique place in the development of CE in this country for many years. CE enables our children to function, empowering them to take choices and take responsibility for themselves, so progressing towards independence.

What does Ofsted think of CE?

Ofsted says this about CE at Ingfield Manor School:
The work in Conductive Education by pupils and staff is outstanding. This is a centre of excellence for an alternative approach to the education of children with cerebral palsy”.